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100% natural charcoal fuel made from recycled coconut shells which are harvested in a sustainable manner without harming coconut palm trees, animals' habitat or the environment. Free from additives and chemicals these briquettes are easy to light within 15 minutes and offer a burn time of up to 4 hours. These slow burning briquettes are harder than ordinary charcoal briquettes or lumpwood charcoal meaning there is less breakdown.

Using on a Gas BBQ
Remove the flame tamers and place an even layer on the base of the briquette basket then ignite the burners and turn to the medium setting. When the briquettes are glowing evenly and are covered with a grey ash (after approx 15 minutes) turn off the burners and begin cooking. Grilling duration lasts approx 1-2 hours and igniting the burners will increase the grilling duration.

Using on a Charcoal BBQ
Form a pyramid of the briquettes on the base of the BBQ and place several lighter cubes into the briquettes and light safely using long matches or extended gas lighter. Leave the briquettes for approx 30 minutes until they are covered with a white ash. The briquettes can then be spread across the BBQ base and cooking can begin. Alternatively the briquettes can be placed within the charcoal starter then placed over a lit lighter cube and left for approx 30 minutes until they have a white ash covering. They can then be poured carefully into the BBQ and cooking can begin.

4kg BAG not 5kg like photo

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Outback Coconut Shell Briquettes 4KG

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