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Measuring your Motorhome for a Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro or Motor Ace Air Pro awning.

If you’re thinking about buying either of these market-leading Kampa motorhome awnings, you need to take the following 3 measurements from your motorhome to make sure you order the right size for it to fit correctly.


Measurement A: To determine which HEIGHT you need – measure the height of your awning rail or blind (to the actual blind slot – not the casing around it) from the ground AT EACH END, in centimetres – making sure you’re parked on flat ground. The LONGER of the two dimensions is the important one. (NB: Most motorhomes are higher at the back than the front. If your vehicle has a levelling system, have it in neutral position while measuring.)

(Kampa motorhome awnings are available in 5 heights – S: 235-250cm; L: 250-265cm; XL: 265-280cm; XXL: 280-295cm; XXXL: 295-310cm)

Measurement B: To determine which SIZE you can buy (eg. 260, 330, 390 etc) – measure the full length of your awning BLIND or RAIL – NOT the casing that surrounds it – in centimetres. (You must have enough awning blind or rail to hold the size of Kampa awning that you want to buy. For instance, the Motor Rally AIR PRO 260 XL is 260cm long, so your awning blind or rail needs to be at least this long.)

Measurement C: To determine whether there’s sufficient space for an AIR TUBE to fit against the vehicle without the door catching on it when being opened – measure the distance between the awning blind or rail and the top of your door when closed. (You will need at least 12cm between the door and the blind or rail.)

Compare these 3 dimensions with those of the awning(s) being considered, and check that the awning’s walls would sit clear of your motorhome’s door, windows, storage hatches or anything else that protrudes. (Remember that a narrower awning can be positioned – more left or more right – on a wider awning blind or rail to help fit around these.)

If you’ve taken the measurements from your motorhome accurately, and are happy that the dimensions of the Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro or Motor Ace Air Pro awning of your choice are not greater, there should be no reason why it shouldn’t fit.

If you have any queries about these measurements, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.