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The awning remains the same material of the 420Denier double ripstop so very good quality and durable, the AirBeams are quick and easy to inflate less than 30 seconds per beam.

The updates for 2019/20 are skylights in the roof, sky track II system so you can hang all your optional extras in your awning. Extra pegging points at the front of the awning allowing rain to run off easier and the awning to be more taught, and a velcro strap in the roof to support the bracer beam.

This awning is made for those with a VW campervan. Vango have 3 different sizes of the Kela - the Vango Kela Low is designed for vehicles with a height of 180-210cm (this is the height from the floor to the awning rail). The Kela low sleeve which connects to the van has been designed to the height of lower vehicles, making it fit tighter to the van and not flap in the wind. The awning material is 420D Double Rip-stop Pro, making it one of the most durable materials on drive-away awnings.

There's no doubt about why the Vango Kela is one of the best-selling awnings on the market - its top-quality 3-airbeam technology makes it a great overall awning that's fast and simple to pitch.

Another reason the awning is very popular is its size - perfect for most couples, small groups or families, it gives you that extra space and protection from the weather, plus the option to have others sleepover. It also has good headroom and is a good size to fit most campsite pitches.

Your campervan or motorhome is attached with an access tunnel from the awning, giving you protection from the weather when moving in and out of your van and the tunnel is also a great place for storage. One of our favourite features is the side entrances, complete with the mesh screens, which means you haven’t got to use the big front door every time - especially useful when it’s raining.

Vango Drive Awning Size Guide

LOW 180cm-210cm
STANDARD 205cm-245cm
TALL 245cm-295cm

Suppliers Information

The market leading Kela, which is the driving force behind our freestanding awning collection, now features a new high quality 420 double ripstop Sentinel Pro fabric. This, coupled with bracer beams and a set of storm straps, makes the Kella III a highly durable and well designed drive-away awning. With a side door on each side of the connecting section, this is an ideal area for storage and will help keep the awning and your vehicle clean and dry. Don't fret about stormy conditions, our patented Tension Band System (TBS® II) ensures your awning will remain stable in harsh weather and for normal conditions, simply tuck it away into the dedicated pockets. The Kela is a beautifully designed drive-away awning that will compliment your campervan or motorhome.

- Cable Entry and Tidies - zipped entry point with Velcro tidies to run the cable to the lantern point and other electrical items.

- Diamond Clear Windows - maximises light and offers great visibility.

- Fire Retardant Fabrics - meets the European EN5912 safety standard

- King Pole Doors - include eyelets allowing optional king poles to be used.

- Lantern Hanging Points - conveniently positioned to attach your light(s)

- Pre-attached 6mm Kador strip- The most common and easy to use connection system for awning attachment to vehicles and caravans 

- Factory Taped Seams - all flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal

- The Beams in a Vango AirBeam create a strong and rigid tent structure combined with a very easy and quick pitch time.

- Vango AirZone - high and low level ventilation panels combine to create a comfortable flow of air through the tent.

- Vango Protex® 420D Double Ripstop 6000HH - expertly designed to maximise strength and durability.

- Velcro roofbar attachment tabs - Quick and easy to use. They simply wrap around the roof bars of your vehicle

- Adjustable pegging points

- Bracing beams for front and roof included 

- A door in the connecting fabric between your motorhome/campervan and awning for convenience. 

- Line-Lok Guyline Runners - lock securely, release simply and perform in all conditions.

- Optional inner tent available as extra

- Pre-angled Beams - by incorporating a pre-angled section into the AirBeam more internal space is achieved than with a standard arch. Additionally, the section braces effectively against side winds. 

- Reflective Guylines with Guyline Tidies - woven with a reflective strip to pick up light.

- Reflective webbing picks up torchlight so the pegging points are easily visible in darkness.

- Fully Sewn-in Groundsheet - adds to the comfort of your tent by providing a bug and draught free environment. The groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to provide all round protection.

- Patented Vango TBS ®II – Tension Band System ensures that your tent performs in adverse conditions, especially strong, changeable winds. In calm conditions the system can be disconnected if desired. When tensioned, the bands brace the pole and prevent sideways movement. The buckles should be adjusted so

that slack is removed, but not over tensioned, as this may deform the poles.

- Webbing Storm Straps - offer secure guying at the front and rear of the tent.

- Zipped Privacy Curtains - simple and quick to use zip down curtains for varying levels of opening. Fit to the flysheet with no gaps and simply roll into a pocket. 

- NEW AirSpeed® Valve system and easy access positioning - designed by Vango to inflate your AirBeams with even less effort.

Pack Size: L78.0 x H35.0 x W37.0cm Weight: 17.25kg

  • Part Number: AWPKELAC3YTDR

Inflatable AirBeam Structure

Allows pole-free pitching, ensuring your tent is pitched within a matter of minutes. (Double-action hand-pump included. 12v electric pumps optional for powering from a vehicle.)

AirSpeed Valves

New AirSpeed Valves make inflating and deflating your AirBeam tent quick and effortless.

Sentinel Pro 420 Fabric

Featuring 420 denier double-Ripstop threads, our Sentinel Pro fabric has superior strength and long-lasting durability, combined with PU technical coatings make Sentinel Pro exceptional in terms of waterproofness.

Zipped Privacy Curtains

Zipped curtains to allow varying levels of opening. Fit to the flysheet with no gaps and simply roll down into a pocket when not in use. Simple and quick to use. 

Factory-Taped Seams

All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory-taped, providing a strong, watertight seal.

Fire-Retardant Fabrics

Fabrics that meet the European EN5912 safety standard.

EN5912 Weather Tested

Weather tested to the European EN5912 standard  by a certified test centre.

Low and High Ventilation

Low and high ventilation vents - now 50% larger in size - combine to create a comfortable flow of air through the tent and reduce condensation.

Sewn-in Groundsheet

Adds to the comfort of your tent by providing a bug and draught-free environment. Attaches to the flysheet with an external storm skirt to provide all-round protection.


Oxford Ripstop Polyester Groundsheet

Maximises the strength and durability of your groundsheet.

TBS®II Tension Band System

Ensures tent performs well in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds, by bracing the AirBeam at 3 points and preventing sideways movement. 

Webbing Storm Straps

Provide secure guying at the front and rear of the tent.

NEW Skylight Windows

Windows which run along the roof line of the tent to increase the amount of light during the day and for star-gazing at night.

Diamond Clear Windows

Large Diamond Clear windows maximise light and visibility.

SkyTrack II®

A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or Vango's new SkyLiners. The SkyTrack system truly allows you to design your tent to suit your needs.

Lantern Hanging Points

Conveniently positioned to safely attach your lights.

High Cable-Entry

A high cable-entry point on the internal wall allows increased flexibility when feeding power cables into the tent or awning.

Line-Lok Guyline Adjusters

Patented guyline runners that are lightweight, easy to use and will hold-firm in windy conditions.

High-Visibility Guylines

Make them easier to see, and less likely to trip over, when walking around in low light conditions.

Supplied with pump

Comes with a double-action hand-pump that will rapidly inflate your tent.

2-Year Warranty

For your peace of mind, this product carries a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Vango Kela V Low Air Drive Away Awning 2021

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