It’s time to break free from boring garden grilling with the Napoleon Rogue 425 with Side Burner in black. It’s time to be different. It’s time to grill different. It's time to go Rogue. Sear succulent seasonal treats on our iconic Wave cast-iron cooking grids. Three stainless-steel burners produce precise heat where you want it and dual-level stainless-steel sear plates vaporize the drippings, creating intense flavour while you grill. Make marvellous meals for yourself or a crowd while you cook on 425 square inches of main grilling area. Succulent sauces and sides are a snap with the integrated range side burner. Your friends and family will think you're a culinary genius.

Newly redesigned, this grill has cut assembly time in half. The Napoleon Rogue 425 is stylish from lid to castors. The easy-to-maintain black porcelainized lid and single door, with integrated storage, blend beautifully with your outdoor décor. Locking castors in the pedestal base mean that this grill can be moved into the thick of the action. Folding stainless-steel side shelves save space, allowing the Rogue to fit anywhere in your culinary landscape. No other grill gives you such versatility with an affordable price and high-quality components. So get out there and grill differently. Go Rogue!

JETFIRE™ Ignition

Ignites each individual burner with a strong burst of flame from a separate gas outlet. This allows the burners to ignite even in extreme weather.

ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge

For accurate gauging of temperature when cooking - particularly useful when cooking thick joints of meat etc.

Stainless Steel Sear Plates

Staggered stainless steel sear plates provide extra surface area for any drippings from your food to vaporize, providing extra flavour and avoiding flare-ups. 

Cast-iron WAVE Cooking Grids

Porcelainized Cast Iron Reversible WAVE™ Rod Grids are designed to add sear-stripes to your grilled steaks and other food. They also prevent small pieces of food falling through to the burners.

Range Side Burner

The integrated range side burner is great for preparing sauces and side dishes.

Charcoal Tray

The addition of charcoal briquettes delivers that traditional mouth-watering smoky aroma and delicious crispness whilst enjoying the ease and convenience of gas.

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Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas with Side Burner - Blk

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