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Vango 2019 Awnings

What's new with Vango for 2019?

The main feature update for Vango's 2019 caravan awnings is the new rear strap system which does away with the rear upright poles.

The vertical strap, which tightens up to a foam sealing pad running its full length, is connected to the awning at the top and to the draught-skirt rail at the bottom. It's then tightened to fit the van's contours and keep the draught out. The awning comes with extra foam blocks to place under the tightening strap and exert pressure in particular places - around windows and deep indentations - to ensure a good seal.

Check-out this video for more details...


Vango Montelena

Vango Rhode TC Driveaway awning (Galli Polycotton)

Vango Jura Driveaway awning (Kela Polycotton)

More to follow...