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Something on the horizon that we’re getting pretty excited about at Norwich Camping & Leisure is the impending launch of a brand-new range of caravan and motorhome porch awnings under the Telta brand name. Not only is Telta brand new, it’s from the same stable that brought us the very first airbeam awnings and tents that proved to be so universally popular in the UK and throughout Europe.

Telta Features and Benefits

From our early glimpses of the forthcoming Telta awnings range, we can see the following key features and benefits for our caravanning and motorhoming customers:

One-Point Inflation – Telta awnings are inflated from just one external point, no-matter how many air-beams are used for each model. This is for speed and ease of set-up while still being able to easily expel air through multiple points when packing away. This versatility is made possible by isolation valves being built into the sections where the air tubes are linked together and it gives the added advantage of letting you isolate an individual tube in the unlikely event of it being damaged. To help avoid any such problems, Telta air-tubes are protected by rugged nylon protective sleeves, rather than the more usual PE or polyester/PE-mix sleeves – serving to improve reliability whilst lowering the weight and pack-size of each tube.

The Telta team were part of the early development of inflatable air awnings for the marketplace, so we fully expect their air technology to be amongst the best in the business.

Materials – Telta have the experience and they’ve done their research too. They clearly know what you need of a caravan or motorhome awning fabric and what you don’t – basically, performance is paramount, but not at any cost. So, early sight of their materials spec tells us that caravan and motorhome users will get all the benefits of light weight and condensation-lessening breathability that are ideal for touring use, without the heavy weight that makes some awnings exhausting to handle. You’ll also be getting more durability, UV resistance and improved colour fastness for longevity – and it’s all fully water and wind tested as you would expect.  

Adjustable Height – Telta awnings are versatile enough for connection to motorhomes and caravans between the rail heights of 235 - 280cm. Their zipped fastenings can be adjusted on the awnings’ side walls, both internally and externally, to adjust the height ranges by 15cm at a time. So, with zips closed, they fit 235 - 250cm; one zip open and they fit 250 - 265cm; two zips open lets them reach rails at 265 - 280cm. All very thoughtful and very simple.

Double-Pitched Roof – featured throughout the Telta awnings range to help with water run-off. This also provides plenty of room for the caravan or motorhome door to be opened into the awning without catching on the roof. If you’ve had this problem with lesser awnings, you’ll know just how annoying this can be!  

Windows & Curtains – again, practical experience tells in terms of what you can expect of a Telta awning’s windows and curtains. Their windows are of high quality, tinted for privacy and designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures – from those generated by snow to the kind of blistering sunlight that looks like becoming more common in future. As for the curtains – an item that has often proven the making or breaking of an awning sale in our experience – Telta curtains are made from premium fabric that complements and enhances the awning interior. They have a superior feel and they hang with a look of quality – designed as part of the overall product, rather than looking like an afterthought. Also, for extra convenience, the curtain track is attached to the side panels, not the wall, allowing the side panels to be lowered complete with the curtains.

Removable Panels – innovative design continues when it comes to the awnings’ side and front panels. All of them are able to be zipped out and each of the models within the range has its own unique features on their front panels too. Secondary mesh panels can be found behind all side doors for ventilation. As far as ease of use is concerned, all models have taller and wider panels than you might get from other manufacturers, giving you easier access and headroom when entering or leaving. This extra height and width also cascades down to the optional annexes you’ll be able to get if you want to expand your awning’s usable interior space.


The Telta Range

Telta’s Range of awnings comprises three models that are designed for either caravans or motorhomes, plus a drive-away variant just for motorhomes:

Telta Pure (260/330/390) – Like the other models in the Range, the Pure optimises simplicity and functionality, removing complex or unnecessary parts in favour of contemporary style and practicality. Its convenient and functional front-panel can be rolled into the centre, rolled up to the roof or completely removed. The first of these options allows the awning to swiftly be converted into a sun canopy without having to remove, store and reconnect the panel later in the day. With the Pure’s design, the strengthened tube sleeves remove the need for a centre tube on the 260 model, allowing more usable interior space and lowering the awning’s overall weight. The model number denotes its width in cm and the standard depth across the models is 250cm.

Telta Life (330/390) – As with all Telta awnings, the Life models are taller in the front corners than most other awnings, giving a feeling of space and allowing free and easy access. The Life’s notable feature is its flexible front panel that’s split in two so that you can remove one or other half, or the whole thing. A canopy protects the front of the awning, with extra ventilation built into its slight peak. Its lightly tinted, high-grade windows are designed to visually complement those on your caravan whilst retaining a high level of privacy from any nearby neighbours. Again, the model number denotes its width in cm though the standard depth across the models increases to 275cm.

Telta Soul (390/490) – The largest and flagship of the Telta Range of awnings, the two sizable Soul models offer strikingly good looks and functional contemporary design. The combined span of each model’s lightly-tinted panoramic windows offers a magnificent view outwards and each of the front panels can be removed, lowered or rolled back according to the prevailing temperature and weather conditions. A wide front canopy adds to the models’ overall appearance whilst protecting the front wall. Both Soul models share the standard depth of 275cm. 

Telta Pure Drive-Away (330) – In-keeping with the other Pure models, the Drive-Away variant for motorhomes has a convenient and functional front-panel that can be rolled into the middle, up to the roof or removed completely – with the same instant sun canopy benefit. The versatile Drive-Away model also features a rear tunnel with various adjustment possibilities so that it can be married-up to motorhomes with rail heights between 220 and 300cm. The tunnel is divided from the rest of the awning by a dividing wall, allowing the whole thing to remain freestanding when disconnected from the vehicle – perfect for leaving your favourite pitch claimed while you tour around for the day. With space and weight-saving even more in mind in a motorhome situation, the Pure Drive-Away Awning uses a lighter-weight rip-stop polyester fabric that also take up less stowage space. It comes in one size, with a footprint of 330cm width by a mid-way 260cm depth. 


Telta Options and Accessories

As you would expect, to complement the main models in the range there are a selection of options and Telta accessories to let you personalise your Telta awning to your individual needs and taste. These include:

Telta Sky Sun Canopy – a 400 x 240cm deep alternative rail attachment to give you welcome shade when the sun decides to move from ‘hot’ to ‘scorch’ (sound familiar over the last couple of years?). The Sky uses a lighter-weight polyester than most of the Telta awnings to reduce the pack size and weight (to approx. 6kg). Optional zip-in front and side panels are also available to offer even more weather protection.

Telta Extra-Tall Annexe – designed to make the most of the extra width and height that Telta side panels provide, allowing average-height people to enter and leave without having to lower their heads. Includes a versatile mesh panel and secondary door at the end of the annexe, an inner dividing wall, inner tent and curtains.

Telta Inflatable Windbreak – Perfect for keeping the breeze off and designed to complement Telta Awnings in style and colour. Features two panels that are fully adjustable from 90˚ to 180˚ against each other. Zips are at either end to allow multiple Telta Windbreaks to be attached together. Made from PVC for durability and easy cleaning. 3m in overall length.

ALSO – other Telta Accessories: Breathable Carpet – reversible, two colours; Roof Linings; Rear-Upright Poles – with removable suction cup; Veranda / Front-To-Back Hanging Poles; Storm Straps; Electric Pump; Lighting.



From our initial assessment of the spec for Telta’s new awnings, they share the same contemporary-styled looks and benefits across the range, with different models aimed at customer preferences for size, shape and practicality of front-panel configuration – something that’s obviously based upon actual experience of what works well in usage. It’s an efficient, simple range that demonstrates experience of innovative awning design and technical know-how when it comes to perfecting the performance capabilities of advanced single-inflation air awnings – maybe even the next step in the evolution towards the goal of airframes providing ‘all of the benefits, with none of the drawbacks’.

These new Telta caravan and motorhome awnings have a freshness in design and approach that should go down very well with our typical customer base of canny caravanners and motorhomers who know the value of clever, durable, weight-saving, useable features and can spot the gimmicks that experience tells them are not worth their money. These Telta awnings do more than just ‘tick the box’ – they’re perfect to complement today’s sleekly-styled caravans and motorhomes.

The pedigree of the Telta team gives us a lot of confidence – their early role in the advent of the first commercially available airframe awnings means that these guys really know their stuff: what works, what had to be improved on previous designs and build quality, what can be simplified – or left out altogether – in the interests of improving the product, the user experience and the looks. It all amounts to being a tight, well-thought-out offering that will be well received – and we want them in stock as soon as possible please!  


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