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Apr 19
Whether BBQ or Smoker...succulent hot food from the coolest of ‘barbies'!
We’ve come a long way from the “chuck another shrimp on the barbie” beginnings of cooking in the back yard – so far that your BBQ of choice is just as likely to be judged by its design credentials as...
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Nov 18
IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!! How CAN it be Christmas already? But it is, and that means ... P R E S E N T S ! Again, it's “What are we going to get for Mum / Dad / the kids / Grandad / Uncle Ben...
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Oct 18
Got RAIN coming into your Tent, Caravan or Motorhome Awning? Sure it’s not CONDENSATION?
Particularly at this time of year, we get lots of emails and calls from late-season users of tents, caravan and motorhome / camper-van awnings believing that their tented structure has suddenly sprung...
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Sep 18
Aug 18
How to Measure your Motorhome to Fit the Right-Sized Awning
If you’re thinking about buying an awning for your motorhome, you need to take the following measurements to make sure you order the size that fits correctly. Avoid disappointment, wasted time and hav...
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Aug 18
Outdoor Heaters: Get ready for the cooler evenings!
We all like to make the most of the lighter evenings during the warm weather, but what about when the nights start drawing-in and it gets a bit chilly? Here are some of the main space heating contende...
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Jul 18
What to look for when buying Garden Furniture
Buying garden furniture – where do you start? There’s lots to choose from, but much of it looks very similar even though the prices can vary tremendously. Based upon many years of conversations with p...
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Jun 18
7 Tips for Buying a Family Tent
If taking the family on a camping holiday is on your to-do list, how do you choose the right tent from all of those out there? Which features are worth paying for and which will just soak-up your holi...
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May 18
8 Tips when buying a BBQ
When the sun comes out and the evenings get lighter, there’s nothing better than getting outdoors with friends and family and enjoying tasty food cooked freshly with your own barbecue. But, with so ma...
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Mar 18
Dec 17
Christmas Presents with a difference!
At this time of year the inevitable question returns: “What are we going to get for Mum / Dad / the kids / Grandad / Uncle Alec / Auntie Joan” etc, etc – the age-old brain-teaser of what to buy for yo...
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